Enjoy your child
Your Behavioral OT, A Click Away.

At Bloom, we offer more than treating challenging behaviors, and do more than
treat symptoms: we support families & children everywhere, providing
unique resources to meet you at your point of need.

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Enjoy your child
Your Behavioral OT, A Click Away.

At Bloom, we offer more than treating challenging behaviors, and do more than
treat symptoms: we support families & children everywhere, providing
unique resources to meet you at your point of need.

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is an online platform with a unique approach to helping kids grow.

Children are never “just” one thing. You may have a child who lives burdened by labels: ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, autism, etc. Or you may have a child who acts out with no explanation, and for no diagnosed reason.

As a parent, all you want is the best. You want to understand your child, to connect with your child, and for your child to grow up well.

Sneak Peek! Here Are Some of the Areas We Cover

Parents of kids with extra needs may feel overwhelmed by the unknowns and what-ifs. Even with a dedicated therapist or specialist, it’s hard to have someone see your whole child, and offer real insights.

The First Year

Welcome to the Child Development Toolkit. Here you’ll learn…

The parenting secrets you need to know, from newborn to

How to prevent cognitive, social, emotional and motor
challenges before they even begin.

When you should expect your child to reach motor, language,
social and visual milestones

Parent Child Relationship

Welcome to the Parent Child Relationships Toolkit. Here you’ll learn...

The quickest way to determine which attachment style your
child is displaying.

What you must do if you’re parenting a child with insecure
attachment styles.

The reason completely accepting your child as they are
today can help them change and grow.

Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Phobia

Welcome to the Fear Paralysis Reflex Toolkit. Here you’ll learn:

For many of us, an 'over-active' Fear Paralysis Reflex can be a
source of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression, and even
physical pain. Here you will learn how to identify, test and
treat an unintegrated FPR.

Sensory Processing

Welcome to the Sensory Processing Toolkit. Here you’ll learn…

How Sensory Processing Disorder can affect your child, even
in ways you may not realise.

The real difference between sensory seeking and sensory

The hidden “eighth sense” you may not be aware of, and
how it could be causing sensory issues.

Picky Eater

Welcome to the Picky Eater Toolkit. Here you’ll learn…

The art of training your child to want to eat well.

Ideas to help your child become more open to trying new

How to prevent emotions from getting in the way when
dealing with picky eating.

Conversations With Teens/The Teenage Years

Welcome to the Conversations with Teens Toolkit. Here you’ll learn:

How to maintain respect and authority as a parent, while
allowing for collaboration and input from your teen.

How to include your teen in decision making, without it ending
in you either giving in, or just saying 'no'.

Foundational techniques that set the tone for a healthy
conversation with your teen.

Miriam (Manela) Frankel OTR/L CTC

is an occupational therapist, author of the Parent-Child Dance, and founder of Thrive Occupational Therapy. She founded Bloom as an online platform for teaching the Thrive Method.

If you are a parent with an out-of-the-box kid, it is likely you have pursued some form of therapy or treatment before. Even if you are early in this journey, it is important that you understand some key distinctions in what we offer!

Read more

The Parent-Child Dance

written by Miriam Manela


Traditional Therapy Approaches

Focus is on assessing & treating a
child’s symptoms.

A segmented approach that can include medical options, psychological options,
& exercises or physical techniques.

Provides “expert” insight and treatment, often in isolation from adults and caregivers.

Is subject to strict routines and a
long-term commitment.

The Approach

Sees each child holistically, as a unique being, and offers a multi discipline, context-aware approach.

Is a completely new blend of multidisciplinary care that addresses

Believes that continuous caregiving is the best way to provide children with a safe place to grow. Many of our resources are about equipping adults to implement the right strategies to help children.

Is about life change, heart change, & equipping children to thrive independently.


Here are some resources you can begin learning from,
as soon as TODAY:

Video toolkits

Recorded video sessions that cover some of the most common issues, and answer your most pressing questions. These are full of research-based insight, as well as practical tips and methods for helping your child grow. Toolkits present techniques that have been used by thousands of parents worldwide.

Cheat sheets and handouts

In addition to watching the videos, you can get succinct summaries of the content, which you can refer to whether everyone’s mellow or having a meltdown.

Free online resources

Our thriving online community is full of parents just like you, who want the best for their young ones. Connect with us and benefit from regular posts and supplemental content from Miriam and the team at Bloom.

How Works

No family, or child, exists in a vacuum. The world we are all in impacts how we think, feel, and behave every day.This is true of all of us, and at Bloom, we are uninterested in textbook information that has no real-world application. Rather, we want you to learn to see your child, and to understand what you are seeing.

Reach a Child Who Feels Unreachable

Children are always communicating to us even those whose communication skills seem delayed or even non-existent. We are here to help you understand your child, then arm you with the tools you need to help them succeed.

We Know How This Feels, You Are Not Alone

It is hard to have a child whose behavior is unpredictable, difficult, defiant, obstinate, or confusing. The resources you receive in your Bloom membership demystify things, bringing clarity that helps you make informed, thoughtful, and wise decisions. We’re here with you on this journey, because we know what it feels like. You are not alone.


This whole year has been such a magical ride for me. I am so, so grateful that it's so clear that I have been led to the right place. Thank you!


We’d like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation. Brian benefits from your fun positive personality along with your expertise in the field. He truly enjoys his sessions. We appreciate your genuine concern and whole child approach. We look forward to continued progress as we work together to help Brian shine

Brian shine

Just wanted to thank you for your great idea today and thoughtfulness to really work with Jason’s personality. You are brilliant!! Jason felt great and you really accomplished a ton. Thanks so much for everything


I would recommend Miriam to a friend, colleague, or parent looking for a therapist to sync the out-of-sync child


Miriam has worked with our son for around a year and a half. Her professionalism lies in her ability to understand what it is that he needs, and combine her training with genuine warmth, care and patience when she works with him. That in turn engenders the trust that is key to the child-therapist relationship to ensure his cooperation.

Mr and Mrs A Sutton

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Netanel. It's amazing how far he's come and a miracle that he has phased out of OT. I really appreciate all you have done; and recognize the individual "curriculum" you created for him.



Does your son/daughter get distracted easily and/or start tasks and not follow through?

Do you feel stuck, unable to express and assert yourself to your colleagues, managers, or boss?

Does your student's behavior seem puzzling and confusing, and the techniques you have don’t seem to be working on him/her?

Does your child fail to listen to his teacher, need you to repeat yourself multiple times, and barely complete their assignments or tasks promptly?

Are you getting calls from school that your child continuously hurts other children? Are you stuck at home, unable to meet up with others due to your child’s reactivity and aggression?

Does your child withdraw from social situations and friendships? ANXIETY Are you feeling baffled trying to find the best way to converse with your teenager?

Does your child experience strong feelings and have difficulty calming down and moving past them?

Do you react unusually emotionally to something and can’t understand why? Do you experience fear and tension when facing everyday scenarios?

Does your child struggle to control his impulses?

Are your emotional resources entirely sapped just from trying to mother or father your son/daughter?

Is your daughter exceedingly needy, demanding infinite amounts of attention from you?

Does your son/daughter refuse to eat anything new and is picky for most meals?

Does your child fidget a lot and cannot sit for more than a few minutes?

Have you tried to reach a goal but kept falling short?

Does your child struggle to understand the reasons behind their sudden defiance, aggression, or fussiness?

Is it hard for your child to fall asleep? Do midnight child-in-my-bed visits deprive you and your child of much-needed sleep, leaving you tired and irritable the next day?

Do you wish you had the tools to enable your child’s early development so they will not be developmentally delayed?

Is your teen fiercely asserting her independence and refusing parental guidance despite desperately needing it?


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