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OTR and Child Development Specialist

The Thrive Method is a unique approach, developed by Bloom founder Miriam Manela. Miriam has built a successful practice utilizing this technique, and teaches it around the world. Her advanced training in Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT), Sensory Integration, Attachment Theory, Tomatis Listening Therapy & Reflex Integration provide valuable materials for therapy practices, educator workshops, & training.

Teachers face relentless demands, and each child has different needs. The Thrive Method is a transformative model that can benefit administrators, school counselors, special needs teachers, and teachers of all kinds.

Bloom workshops for schools are designed using principles to avoid behavioral challenges, promote self-regulation, and improve educational outcomes.

Continuing education is essential for any adult or care provider who works with children. Healthcare providers who work with children deal with a range of challenges.

Bloom workshops for businesses equip professionals to facilitate growth, whether they work with children who face mental or physical developmental issues. We will empower your staff or team to help all children reach their full potential.


Miriam has worked with our son for around a year and a half. Her professionalism lies in her ability to understand what it is that he needs, and combine her training with genuine warmth, care and patience when she works with him. That in turn engenders the trust that is key to the child-therapist relationship to ensure his cooperation.

Mr and Mrs A Sutton

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Netanel. It's amazing how far he's come and a miracle that he has phased out of OT. I really appreciate all you have done; and recognize the individual "curriculum" you created for him.


This whole year has been such a magical ride for me. I am so, so grateful that it's so clear that I have been led to the right place. Thank you!


We’d like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation. Brian benefits from your fun positive personality along with your expertise in the field. He truly enjoys his sessions. We appreciate your genuine concern and whole child approach. We look forward to continued progress as we work together to help Brian shine

Brian shine

Just wanted to thank you for your great idea today and thoughtfulness to really work with Jason’s personality. You are brilliant!! Jason felt great and you really accomplished a ton. Thanks so much for everything


I would recommend Miriam to a friend, colleague, or parent looking for a therapist to sync the out-of-sync child



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