Mental Health Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

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Camp is now more important than ever for children. In the summer time, kids are missing the routine of their school days, as parents may be as well!

Summer camp is more than just childcare in the summer months. It is chock full of mental health benefits for kids. 

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Mental Benefits of Summer Camp

It takes a village to raise a child since parents cannot easily teach some of the skills they need to learn. It would be difficult for parents to teach their children those peer group-based skills since most parents don't have multiple children of the same age.

Enter sump camp! Summer camp provides a great opportunity to be involved in group-focused activities, which are an excellent outlet for a child's energy and creativity. It gives them a chance to be role models for others and for others to be role models for them. It helps to build self-esteem and learn about how to be part of a group outside of their home. They need to know the balance between not dominating the group and not getting lost in a sea of children.

Camp gives parents the benefit of structure for their children, so parents can more easily structure the day for their family once their children have something to do. If their children go to sleepaway camp, the parents have time to work on their adult relationships.

6 Benefits of Summer Camp

The benefits of summer camp are plentiful. Here are a few we’d like to highlight as you consider camp for your children this summer.

  1. Builds Confidence–leaving their parents and siblings for the day, or even a few hours, builds confidence and independence. Your child can realize they can function independently and build new relationships without their parents present.
  2. Improves Communication Skills–meeting new kids and adults helps children grow their communication skills. 
  3. Physical Activity and Mental Stimulation–Physical activity, especially in the sunny summer months, is so helpful for kids. 
  4. Improves Relationship and Social Skills–meeting new friends and caregivers is a great way to build social skills and develop new friendships and relationships. 
  5. Builds Resilience–camps offer opportunities for challenges and practices on overcoming problems. Whether it’s a sports or a science camp, summer camps allow your child to experience disappointment and triumph. 


Parenting Resources for Your Child’s Mental Health

Being in touch with your child’s mental health as they move through their childhood is critical to being a great, effective parent. We can do many things to impact our children's mental health positively.

The summer months present the opportunity for summer camps which offer a plethora of mental health benefits. From the positives of being outdoors to improving relationships, enrolling your child in a summer camp this summer can help your child’s maturity and development.

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