Tips for Overcoming Interview Anxiety

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You landed the interview at your dream company–how exciting! But now, the nerves set in. You’re worried you won’t perform well, thinking of all the things that could go wrong, and you’re nervous that they’ll like you.

It’s very normal to experience butterflies before an important job interview. The good news? You can regulate interviewitis by learning to keep yourself regulated. 

In search of how to regulate your anxiety before a big interview? This blog will share tips to calm your nerves before an interview.

The truth about successfully handling anxiety is this: you need a unique set of mind and body techniques to regulate those anxious feelings. Discover BLOOM’s course Anxiety for practical steps that help.

What is Interview Anxiety? 

Interview anxiety is nervousness, anxiety, or panic you may feel before or during an employment interview. It can also signify that you care about the interview and are motivated to do well. That’s the good news!

Symptoms may be physical, such as an increased heart rate, or mental, like racing thoughts. Interview anxiety can exist by itself or be related to generalized anxiety or social anxiety disorder.

Meeting an unknown person in an authoritative position, talking about yourself, being judged by a stranger, and having to sell yourself can trigger nervousness and stress. Some people may experience anticipatory anxiety in the days leading up to the interview, marked by worries about what will happen. Others may be more anxious on the day of the interview and during the interview itself. Either way, interview anxiety can be managed with helpful tools and research-based strategies.

Tips to Calm Your Nerves Before an Interview

Different tips work well for different people in regulating themselves to stay calm.

For everyone, though, it's easiest to be regulated if you’ve made sure to sleep well the night before. It may be difficult to fall asleep with all those anxious feelings roiling around, but even just resting is good for one's nerves and ability to regulate themselves. Make sure you have eaten balanced meals and snacks that day. If that is too difficult due to an unsettled stomach from anxiety, eating a slice of bread and a cup of tea rather than coffee will stand you in good stead when trying to keep yourself regulated and calm.

You’ll probably still need to do something extra to calm yourself. 

3 Tips to Relax Before an Interview

  1. Going for a jog/walk in the fresh air. The feel-good endorphins from the exercise will put you in a good mood, boosting your confidence.
  2. Take deep, cleansing breaths while listening to slow rhythmic music before the interview. You can also read more about how breathing can affect your emotions to understand better the positive power of proper breathing techniques for calming.  
  3. Try eating something tart before you start (i.e., lemon ice cubes or cranberry juice). The tangy, sour taste will soothe and calm your nerves.

Cope With Interview Anxiety

With ample preparation and a few easy calming tips, you’ll be a hit at your next interview!

Before you begin your first day on the job, remind yourself of your self-worth, inherent talents, and the skills that landed you this job. This will bolster your confidence and help you overcome the anxiety that comes with the unknown of a new job.

From adults interviewing for jobs to teens coping with the first day of school or a big sporting event, there are clinically proven techniques that can help you calm and master your nerves. BLOOM’s Anxiety course is helpful for adults and youth alike–learn to regulate feelings of anxiety before they become out of control. Get started on our Anxiety course today.

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