Finding the Balance in Modern Parenting

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“If only I had the time to take a yoga class or get enough sleep… I have too much work to do. I’m too busy!” 

Have you heard yourself saying something like this recently? If so, you’re not alone.

As a parent, the constant pull between work and family can feel utterly exhausting. At BLOOM, we believe strongly in supporting the whole family - understanding that whole family health starts with healthy parents. The family becomes much more peaceful, and parenting can even become enjoyable (it’s true!) when parents find the balance in modern parenting. 

Balance is your friend on your journey of modern parenting. BLOOM is here to help you find balance and to save you valuable time and money with courses you can easily access right from home. From parent and child relationships to sleep and anxiety, BLOOM has online courses that walk with you as you navigate the road ahead.

Read on for tips on how to find and achieve balance in modern parenting.

The Ripple Effect of Personal Balance

When daily life lacks harmony, parents struggle profoundly to juggle competing demands. Making time for self-care creates a solid basis for balancing work and family responsibilities. By carving out time for nutritious meals, adequate sleep, regular exercise, social connection, and solo reflection, parents can show up fully charged for their kids. 

Making space for self-care prevents parental burnout. It enables presence, emotional availability, and energy to meet children’s needs. Modeling a balanced lifestyle also instills healthy habits in kids from an early age. When parents take time to recharge their own batteries, the whole family benefits.

The Necessity of Self-Care in Parenting

Children require immense physical and emotional investment. Despite exhausting days and sleepless nights, most parents soldier on, shelving their personal needs. However, regularly taking time to refuel allows parents to fully engage with their kids without depletion. It also teaches children, by example, to make self-care a lifelong priority.

At BLOOM, we want parents to embrace personal health not as a luxury but as a necessity. Attending to your needs equips you to attend to your children’s needs. Making space for solo relaxation amidst busy family life demonstrates self-compassion. It also models crucial coping strategies for kids as they learn to self-regulate emotions.

Practical Tips for Integrating Self-Care into Daily Life

Here are some ways that you can integrate self-care into your daily routine.

Morning Rituals

Waking before the household stirs provides a centering oasis of calm. An early riser might spend these predawn hours doing yoga, squeezing in exercise sets, or meditating (maybe even all three!). Showering, dressing, and enjoying a warm cup of tea while writing or reading inspires reflection and sets the stage for embarking on the day’s parenting adventures.

Reframing Chores

Rather than racing through household tasks once kids are asleep, get them involved earlier. Seeking children’s help with post-dinner chores like loading dishes or folding laundry can make the tasks more fun and engaging. Sing along to music while tackling chores together - it builds cooperation and efficiency. Or introduce a weekly family reading night when everyone (including you!) turns in early after dinner. Extra sleep leaves parents refreshed and energized.

Joint Engagement

Explore fun physical activities that allow you to take care of your body while spending quality time together. Jogging or biking with your kids fosters bonding while boosting your mood with endorphins and fresh air. You might also relax together by listening to music, reading stories, or practicing beginner yoga poses. Discover shared interests that nourish you personally as well as collectively.

Protect Personal Time

Even in busy households, stake a claim to private space via a closet nook, patio seat, or bedroom sanctuary. Let your family know this is your recharge zone for some quiet contemplation. The simple ritual of closing the door behind you signals that self-care mode has been engaged! Use the time to decompress and tap into creative flow so you can return renewed.

External Support Systems

Remember, parental self-sufficiency is a myth – no one can do it all alone. Reach out to extended family, friends, or helpers so parenting doesn’t solely rest on your shoulders. Kids thrive when surrounded by village-like communities. Paying a babysitter also gives you the opportunity for well-deserved date nights. Having a network of help is key to a child's development and maintaining stability for parents.

Find Balance As A Modern Parent

Modern parenting asks so much of parents today. But regularly taking time to nourish your mind, body, and spirit is not a luxury - it’s a necessity that enables you to fully show up for your kids. At BLOOM, we applaud and support all parents working to integrate personal well-being into their daily rhythms. BLOOM can help support you and your family in the pursuit of happiness. The beauty of BLOOM’s online courses is that they can be used alongside 1:1 therapy, offering the opportunity to integrate our techniques into your home and family life. Discover our courses on Anxiety, Fear, or Self Control, amongst many others on your parenting journey.

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