The First Year


Get to know your baby’s expected milestones, prevent the issues before they arise Mums and Dads, you want to give your child the moon, but don’t know how to start? Do you wish you had the tools to enable your child’s early development? How can you help your child reach his milestones in the best way possible? There are so many simple things parents can do within the context of caring for their baby, to help them develop language, motor, visual, sensory and social-emotional skills, and we’ll show you exactly how. You’ll gain clarity on the developmental timeline of the first year of your child’s life. Even more, you’ll learn how to facilitate your baby to open up to the world, develop their skills in a safe loving environment and progress and thrive!

Yes Show Me How

The parenting secrets you need to know, from newborn to one-year-old.

How to prevent cognitive, social, emotional and motor challenges before they even begin.

When you should expect your child to reach motor, language, social and visual milestones.

The red flags that mean you MUST speak to a healthcare professional, before it’s too late.


Miriam has worked with our son for around a year and a half. Her professionalism lies in her ability to understand what it is that he needs, and combine her training with genuine warmth, care and patience when she works with him. That in turn engenders the trust that is key to the child-therapist relationship to ensure his cooperation.

Mr and Mrs A Sutton

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Netanel. It's amazing how far he's come and a miracle that he has phased out of OT. I really appreciate all you have done; and recognize the individual "curriculum" you created for him.


This whole year has been such a magical ride for me. I am so, so grateful that it's so clear that I have been led to the right place. Thank you!


We’d like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation. Brian benefits from your fun positive personality along with your expertise in the field. He truly enjoys his sessions. We appreciate your genuine concern and whole child approach. We look forward to continued progress as we work together to help Brian shine

Brian shine

Just wanted to thank you for your great idea today and thoughtfulness to really work with Jason’s personality. You are brilliant!! Jason felt great and you really accomplished a ton. Thanks so much for everything


I would recommend Miriam to a friend, colleague, or parent looking for a therapist to sync the out-of-sync child


  • Feel confident in your parenting from the earliest stages by being well-informed
  • Follow your baby’s progress with delight
  • Be empowered to help your child by recognising red flags which will allow for early intervention


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